The Appeal of Red Lipstick

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I still can’t bring myself to embrace any bright lip colour, but there's something about the colour red. It's a classic and looks severely flattering on most women. 

But why wear it?

Lipstick has always been a fashion statement. Cleopatra used crushed ants to make hers. However, as the 1700s came around, red lipstick was reserved for prostitutes.

It was the French that decided it would be a thing of the upper-class again. The colour was able to distinguish nobel women from the working class and whores.

Suddenly, red lipstick was everywhere. From Hollywood screens to Madonna’s Like a Virgin tour, cosmetic companies were selling little pots of rouge like hot cakes.

But there's more insight into the allure of red: sex.

Red is commonly acknowledged as a colour that represents power, energy and strength. Yet, it's also passionate, embodying sensuality and love.

Several anthropologists claim that this shade of lipstick is favourable because it stands as a subconscious reminder of the labia. When a woman is sexually aroused, her vulva swells and turns into a flush red tone which is considered appealing to her partner. 

The logic goes that those who like to kiss the lips of her labia will also like to kiss the lips on her face, especially when her lipstick is topped with a hint of gloss to be reminiscent of the moist, carnal feelings experienced during intercourse.

Try imagining that when you next buy lipstick. 

MakeupSanchita Sivaraman