Little Beach House


Sitting in a quiet corner at Little Beach House, I’m inspired to question what the deal is with private members' clubs. 

Soho House perhaps reflects a new breed of meetinghouses, which assure a more diverse membership.  The brand maintains significant popularity around the world, especially since the extra cash came in. 

To be a member, you'll fill out an application form and must be recommended by two other members. On top of that, you’ll fork out a registration fee, and of course, your annual membership fee, which (the last time I checked) is about £1,400 a year. 

That said, Little Beach House has an entirely separate appeal from Soho House's Every House, demanding a standalone membership. It's exclusively for those who work or have a particular affiliation with Malibu and its immediate coastal areas.

Kids are running all over the place, and I admire the club for letting them do their thing sans kill-joy restrictions, unlike their stodgy, older counterparts. As with all the other Houses, Little Beach House does ask that you refrain from taking photos. After all, it's a breeding ground for A to D listers.

The only way you’ll really enjoy it here is when you're with a pack of close friends. Come on your own, and it resembles something of a disaster. Locally perceived as a place crammed with social climbers, there’s an itching vibe that’s just a little distasteful to the understated.  

But I love it.