Shop No. 133

A trip to Bangalore would not be complete without a wander down Commercial Street. It's one of the oldest pathways in the city, and it's lovingly kitsch. Right from traditional chappals to peculiar trinkets, the streak of dainty stores is a shopper’s paradise.

It's not so much the sartorially-driven vendors that catch my attention, though. Instead, it’s the antique depots that force me to stay another hour, debating over whether I really need another brass candle holder or gold-plated frame to complement my ever-growing collection of barely-used spoils. Purchasing 18th-century remnants has become an addictive past-time, but I continuously reassure myself that all these knickknacks will come in handy when, and if, I choose to decorate my own home.

Placed right in the middle of Commercial Street is Kashmir House No. 133, a modest spot specialising in home antiquities. My mother must’ve discovered it on her last visit to Bangalore, and she dragged me with her this time. Needless to say, that doesn’t require much effort. I’m happy to window-shop. To gaze, lust and yearn for things I never knew I needed is something I’ve come to be very good at. 

Kashmir House, and the teeny, tiny shop directly above it, is a must visit for those looking to add a little gleam to their usual décor. Whether that might be in the form of a small tea-light holder or a vintage telephone, there's a wonderful array of craftsmanship at hand.  



Kashmir House No. 133
Commercial Street, 
Tasker Town,
Karnataka 560001