The Curtains to My Soul


If our eyes are the window to our soul, then our eyebrows are the curtains. Or so they say. I don’t know when eyebrows became a thing, but what I do know is that while I may (or may not) be inclined go back to an ex-lover that did me wrong, I will never, ever go back to an eyebrow lady that did my eyebrows wrong. They have become fundamental for my wellbeing. Quite simply: good brows, good mood.

Current aesthetic standards give the nod to bushier, more exaggerated brows, where we can take peace in knowing that they need not be threaded, plucked or waxed. I for one haven’t touched my eyebrows in the past six months. I spent the hiatus celebrating my trouble-free attitude towards beauty which came to a halt last Thursday when I paid a visit to Blink Brow Bar – which, by the way, has rebranded.

Blink Brow Bar gets me on a spiritual level. As a disclaimer, I’m not being sponsored. I just feel it’s obligatory to rave about a place that genuinely understands what my eyebrows require at every stage of my adult life. Each of their beauticians seems to know what they’re doing, and more critically, what shape would be well suited for your face.

Despite the numbing pain that comes with threading, you're awarded eyebrows worth over a hundred selfies. Post-threading, I find that I can actually see my eyes, and my face looks somewhat clearer. I forget how who good it feels to have slick, thick eyebrows.

Like I said, fundamental for my wellbeing.