Zinc Café & Market

White meat used to be the only meat I ate, which I stopped altogether around the age of 15. To most people's disappointment, I don't have a fancy rationale for why I chose vegetarianism. Quite simply, the taste of meat no longer thrilled me. I grew less enthused by poultry dishes, as I believed the quality had somewhat diminished. The chicken was no longer tender. Instead, it was stringy and dry, which inevitably put me off.

I also decided I didn't like birds. There are indeed exceptions, but chickens in particular have struck me as subversives. 

One thing people continue to ask is if I ever miss eating meat. I can't say I do, and I've never felt like I'm missing out. There's at least one vegetarian option in most restaurants, and if nothing seems appetising, I'm not fussed. I'm not a foodie. That said, it does irk me when some people feel the need to be overtly critical of my dietary needs. Food habits, like religion, are personal choices. We needn't enforce them on others. 

One of my favourite things about L.A. is the abundance of vegetarian or vegan restaurants that make eating out easy. I used to live near a great vegetarian joint. So great that even my carnivorous boyfriend could enjoy frequent visits. Specialising in every meal of the day, Zinc is a cool and casual spot that's definitely worth stopping by if you're in the Arts District. 



Zinc Café & Market
580 Mateo St,
Los Angeles, CA 90013