Routine Brunches

Nesrine came back to visit me in London, which signified a consistent need to go out for brunch. These days, I rarely eat out. I like to know the specifics of what goes into my meals, and it's easy to quantify everything when I’m chef de cuisine at home. But I'll always make an exception for brunch. It allows me to rediscover neighbourhood joints and among them, there’s Granger & Co, the Aussie chain that’s forever got attractive folk lining up outside. I've always said that the day I queue for food will be the day my PMS is severely out of control. It won't be happening otherwise.

Fortunately for Nesrine and I, we waltzed in with no trouble. 


Whenever I'm in Granger & Co, I fear I'm subject to scrutiny if I order anything that falls outside restrictive food practices. I mostly settle for their açaí bowl, a true vegan delight. It also appeared to be an appropriate choice for today given that I was eating with a photographer. Colourful foods always make for a better photograph, yet, true to form, I finished it before Nesrine could even snap one.