Something & Nothing

I first came across Something & Nothing at Curators Coffee on Margaret Street. The cans aren't hard to miss thanks to their schematic design, and after a cyclical onslaught on LaCroix, it only seemed fitting to branch out to new terrains of seltzer trends.

Something & Nothing's cucumber seltzer contains all natural ingredients and is comfortably sweetened with grape juice concentrate. It's a 40 calory spritz of summer that'll get you through this heatwave. 

As a brand, Something & Nothing are pretty cool. They're advocates of the judgement-free life we seek to lead, since they have the primal understanding that many of us do like to obscure a morning yoga class with an evening of Netflix and binge. Their grown-up seltzer is just as adaptable, presenting itself as a stand-alone beverage or a mixer with premium spirits. The choice, my friend, is yours. 

Where to Buy

Something & Nothing is available at Ace Hotel, Barry's Bootcamp and selected cafes in London.

Or go straight to the source and grab a few cans on the Something & Nothing website


Sanchita Sivaraman