A Touch of Green

It occurred to me that my interior design ought to resemble the grown-up that I am. No longer could I get away with Minnie Mouse throws and Corelle cups.

I figured the first step towards enlightened adulthood would be to incorporate more greenery. By no means am I a plant-savvy individual, but everything is a learning curve, no? 

Houseplants are a guaranteed way to elevate interiors. They provide the perfect intersection between the simple and the eclectic, filling the gaps wherein anything else would look awkward. They also add a sense of movement, literally, as the leaves cascade out from the container.  

I love the look of houseplants but consider them high-maintenance. I need something long-lasting that won't die on me. I’m determined, however, to give them a go since plants are a necessity. According to NASA, certain houseplants are effective air purifiers, and other studies have indicated that they can bolster your concentration and productivity levels. Moreover, plants provide a sense of purpose. While seemingly tricky, they’re rewarding little things to work on, which, in turn, can defer feelings of loneliness and grief.

I’ve decided to proceed slowly with my green thumb. I am, after all, a complete beginner that still has much to learn. I find it all very exciting, and that sentiment alone should reaffirm my adult-ing capabilities. 

Sanchita Sivaraman