Swapped the Palm Trees for Coconut Trees

A few days ago, I bit the bullet and decided to make an improvised move to India. I booked a ticket to Chennai with a flexible return, and I've no idea what to expect in the days to come.

Whenever I visit India, I come with the sole purpose of relaxing and revisiting favoured spots. It's a time to discover temporary solace in whatever region and to ponder quite a bit. This time, however, I find myself here for work. The work itself doesn't make me nervous, but working does. I can already tell it'll take a respectful while to come to terms with the daily grind and the corporate culture of this port city. Nevertheless, to keep an open mind requires an adequate level of patience and tolerance, which I'm working on under the guise of a permanent smile for the sake of character building. 

Chennai is a humid puzzle to many. It's a sensible mix of modernity and tradition, scattered with monuments, temples, beaches and high-rises. The pulse of this city is kept alive by the heritage of its past, yet, its ability to move forward at such a rapid pace is what leaves me confused. With the onset of the tech scene and expatriates, most inhabitants have embraced the social and cultural evolution. But I suppose what attracts me most to this place is that through it all, it continues to remain humble and straightforward in its way of life. 

Underneath any apprehension, I suppose I'm pretty excited. I'm certainly curious to see what the next couple of weeks have to offer, and who knows, maybe I'll have a lot more to write home about than I intended.