I want to be the Change I Wish to see in the World, Starting with my Choice of Milk

I think it’s appropriate to say that oat milk has been a game changer. Its velvety yet neutral taste makes for an ideal dairy alternative which I now use in all caffeinated drinks. It’s also more sustainable than almond milk (an environmental tragedy, as Californians will tell you).

However, a number of coffee houses are yet to catch on. In most places, baristas give me a look that’s part bewildered and part offended whenever I request oat milk for my cappuccino.

I discussed my predicament with close friend and self-proclaimed narcissist, Nesrine, who agreed that more coffee shops should offer oat milk, especially since it’s a growing trend among vegan consumers. It makes no sense to include coconut milk on the menu and not oat. The former has absolutely no place in coffee.

I guess we have to take the initiative to look out for ourselves. Cut to yesterday when I received this text from Nesrine:


Why should we deprive ourselves when we could just bring our own supply? So go forth, my friends. Be the change you wish to see in the world.