The Year of Journaling


I love journals of any kind. When I was younger, I kept a diary to store all my pre-teen angst. But as I got older, I grew less in touch with my feelings. I ignore any pang of emotion, pinning it down as nothing more than a momentary lapse throughout the trajectory of my day. That said, I’m trying to be more mindful.

I recently decided to get back into journaling – the adult way. I’d heard a lot about The Five Minute Journal, and I considered giving it a go. The concept is simple. You wake up, fill in the blank spaces and go about your day. The effects are opportune. The Five Minute Journal was formulated using powerful psychological theories to instil positive and lasting change. In other words, it’s been created to help you live a more fulfilling, focused life.

The other journal I purchased, which is yet to arrive in the post, is The Well Journal brought to you by Rasa. Log your daily meals, how you slept, what you’re grateful for, your exercise and mindful practices. The journal is intended to devise a kinder, more loving relationship with the foods you eat and to feel empowered by your food choices.

And I know what you’re thinking; a food diary? Yes. A fucking food diary. It turns out they’re not so hare-brained since I’m actually developing a more conscious understanding of my overall wellbeing. Writing my everyday rituals has compelled me to be more watchful of how I treat my body, which as of late has been very bad.

I’m hoping this year I’ve acquired some sort of staying power to continue consolidating both these journals. But as with anything, time will tell.