The Facebook Purge

The world is obsessed with Marie Kondo and so am I. I’ve been incorporating Kondo’s techniques to clear up my own clutter, getting rid of things that no longer spark joy. My whole abode feels significantly more light, deserted from any disenchanting waste.

It also occurred to me that I should tidy-up my social media and the contact list on my phone. My Facebook, in particular, is crowded with too many people that I haven’t spoken to in years, and will probably never speak to again.

Instead of Kondo’s joy-sparking criteria, I decided to set my own. Whether someone remained on my friends list would depend on if I’d like to go out for dinner with them. Drinks are too easy. You take a swig, and then you can leave. Dinner, on the other hand, is far more intimate. You have to voluntarily sit down and get through an entire meal with somebody during what’s meant to be the unwinding part of your day.

It’s a pretty effective strategy once you get going. More people ought to try it.

Sanchita Sivaraman