The Manufactory: Tartine

Everyone knew the Manufactory would be a big deal. It is, after all, the brainchild of renowned chefs Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson of Tartine Bakery, and Chris Bianco of Phoenix's Pizzeria Bianco. After its birth in San Francisco, the establishment has finally embraced Southern California, situating itself on the eastern edge of Downtown Los Angeles.


Tartine comprises of an all-day café, bakery, market and coffee counter plumped with pastries and ice-cream. The trade name also includes Alameda Supper Club, a dinner-only restaurant that's become a newfound fixation amongst locals.

My favourite little nook is the Market. Here, you can purchase ceramics, cookbooks and foodstuffs favoured by the Tartine clan. You can also order a quick bite in the form of a salad, sandwich or soup.


Tartine is perhaps most famous for its bread. The bakery uses small-scale grains, and their flour is milled at Cairnspring Mills in the Skagit Valley, Washington. But for those who are gluten-sensitive, like Prueitt, there’s a multitude of non-wheat variations.

(In a city where gluten is feared as much as timeworn faces, groundbreaking substitutes are always well received.)


While Tartine expanded in increments back in San Francisco, it’s doing the complete opposite in Los Angeles. It’s forged itself into an impressive 40,000 square-foot complex with the hopes of instituting smaller outposts in different neighbourhoods later.

On the whole, it seems as though everything’s in place for the Manufactory’s culinary domination.



The Manufactory
757 S Alameda St Suite 160,
Los Angeles, CA 90021