In Pictures: New York


The last time I was in New York was on a school trip seven years ago. Back then, I didn’t really care what the city had to offer because my mind was centred on other things, like, I don’t know, trying to get my crush to like me back.

When I booked my tickets this time around, I was committed to experiencing New York properly. After all, it’s a place I once dreamed of living and working in (that sentiment quickly dissipated when I moved to California).

To renew my limited adoration, I decided to walk, and I walked a lot. Upon doing so, I began to notice just how stressed everyone looked. Even the homeless here are full of angst (I was called “ heartless” by one fine gent for not having any loose change).

I did make some kind acquaintances, though.

New York.png

I didn’t take many pictures. Wandering idly with a camera detracted from the critical level of alertness and agility required when conforming to the city’s pedestrian standards.

I did, however, take a number of photos with my eyes. For memory’s sake.