I Tried CBD Coffee for a Week

Sometimes, just sometimes, I need to calm the fuck down. I’m invariably open to new methods of stress-management, and as you may already know, CBD is one of them.

Despite the conflicting research, cannabidiols are known to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression. They’re also meant to improve pain and inflammation and sleep quality. And some say they’re excellent for your skin.

I found a pretty cheap bottle of CBD oil in my local vape shop. The guy in there seemed mellow, making the purchase that much more straightforward thanks to his brief yet convincing pitch. He mentioned I could put a little bit of the oil underneath my tongue, but I preferred to find a more trailblazing method of consumption.

After a quick Google search, I learnt that coffee can be a substandard vessel for CBD. It's not as effective as taking it sublingually because it takes longer for the CBD to reach your system, but it still kind of works. If you're thinking of joining me on the java CBD hype, bulletproof coffee with coconut oil or butter might be your best bet since the CBD can bind to the fatty acid.

Honestly, I should’ve paid more attention in food tech. I digress.

Here’s what CBD coffee is supposed to help:

  • Anxiety by regulating the amygdala (the part of your brain that controls fear)

  • Sleep

  • Alertness

  • Seizures

  • Chronic Pain

It all sounded fantastic, which is why I decided to give bulletproof CBD coffee a go for exactly one week.

Did I notice lower anxiety? Yes, but that’s also because I've consciously made an effort to get myself out of stressful situations.

Did I sleep better? Yes, but that could also be the melatonin.

Am I more alert? I can’t quite tell.

Fortunately, I don’t suffer from seizures or chronic pain, so I can’t give my input there.

So maybe it’s all in the mind. Do I think I feel better because I know I’m taking CBD? Or do I feel better because the CBD is actually working? I don’t know. These things are so hard to determine because of the different variables at play.

But a lot of the supposed benefits can only come about through the correct dosage, which is up for much debate. Baristas at coffee shops aren’t physicians, so when you see CBD infused coffees at artisanal joints, it’s hard to know if the substance is even doing you any good. There’s definitely more literature needed, but scientific data will never stop the infatuated from trying a trend or two.