A New Publication to Read

At a time where print media is said to be exhausting, notwithstanding hopeless romanticism, it’s daring for start-ups to ground themselves firmly in the practice. It bears a resemblance to a little fish flung into the ocean’s crushing force. But some have every opportunity to prevail, like Sceen’ry. 

I first came across the publication while I was ferreting around the Hennessey + Ingalls bookstore in Los Angeles' eclectic Arts District. I’m a sucker for print, especially print that's refined, which is the very reason Sceen’ry stood out amongst a stack of other mags. The photography, the white space, the text – everything about it was tastefully down-to-earth. 

Sceen’ry identifies itself as a travel journal, curating beautiful city guides for hearty voyagers. Based in Perth, Western Australia, the publication, thus far, has issued guides for Perth, San Francisco, and Sydney, and will soon cover several more cities across the globe.  

Too many travellers (myself included), look beyond generic tourist attractions. Instead, they’re seeking to do as the locals do, dipping themselves into the daily norms of the area’s inhabitants. However, there's not many travel guides out there that satisfy these needs, which Sophie Cottrell, founder and editor-in-chief of Sceen’ry, swiftly acknowledged. 

While enlisting all the places to see, and be seen, the publication simultaneously offers a platform to showcase small businesses that may not otherwise reap the exposure they deserve. In this regard, Cottrell hopes that Sceen’ry can shed some light on the lesser-known establishments, or the lesser-known hidden gems of each featured city. 

Up next? Paris, France. 


Where to Buy

Perhaps the simplest way to purchase an issue is via the Sceen'ry website.

Alternatively, Sceen'ry is stocked by different retailers, which you can discover here.

Sanchita Sivaraman