Facebook's Profile Picture Guard for India

I'm sure you've already heard about this, but I’m late to the party, and I feel the need to comment.

Facebook Profile Picture Guard is a feature designed specifically for the Indian market. It allows users to control their profile picture, disabling the ability to download it or share it. 

I only discovered the Guard today, when I received a notification asking whether or not I wanted to add one. 

Picture theft is one of the biggest reasons as to why women in India rarely choose to put up a profile photo. They fear that the images they upload could be misused by Internet trolls, which is an entirely valid concern. Owing to my own paranoia (and the dire need for mystery) I barely show my face in any of my Facebook pictures. 

The social networking site says they’re going to introduce the feature to more countries after seeing how it works in India. 

While the little blue shield is fabulous in theory, it doesn’t stop people from taking screenshots, which is only preventable on Android devices. 

And we all know the Internet loves a good screenshot.