The Pleasure of Doing Nothing

While I could be doing things my future-self would thank me for, I’ve opted to hit pause, leaving everything in a blissful limbo. 

There’s no better place I can think of other than India that provides the necessary recuperation. So here I am in Bangalore, fondly labelled as the “Silicon Valley of India". 


These days, I’m overcome by tranquilising rituals. I wake up, eat a hearty breakfast, dip my toes in the pool, get an oil massage for my hair, then continue in a pleasant void. These things are easy to do in a place like the Taj West End – an oasis located right in the city centre.

The staff here are always pleasant, which is something I love about India, and America for that matter. These countries have the best service I’ve experienced. Sure, other places are delightful when it comes to hospitality, but it can sometimes be overpowering, like an unsought overdose of tasteless perfume.

As a city, Bangalore is not what it was just ten years ago. It’s always been the hub for the digital future, and inhabitants have done all they can to embrace rapid, techno-social transformations. Of course, this comes at a cost. Many, including my parents, say the city has lost a certain charm it once boasted.

But to live in any city means to live with change. They’re continuously being torn down and rebuilt, renamed and relived. It’s easy to sit back and dwell on what once was. It’s far more exciting, however, to give in and witness what’s yet to come.

I’ll be in Bangalore for another few sunsets before I’m off to Madurai to spend the rest of my trip at my grandparents' home.

I really have nothing to complain about.