Behold a New Children's Book

While working at The New Indian Express, I've met a host of remarkable individuals that have become fast friends. Among them is Sonali, who happens to be the author of a spanking new children's book. 

The Dog who Taught me Math tells the tale of Parvathy and her unlikely friendship with a retired police dog, Kutti. Parvathy thrives in almost every aspect of her life, except when it comes to her maths homework. With Kutti's help, she gradually learns that great teachers can be there for you even without uttering a word. 

Sonali and I met at The Brew Room in Chennai for an informal shoot. I was given the simple task of taking some pictures for the book's promotional website, and the café's airy atmosphere was perfect. 

As I scrabbled amid the bushes, trying desperately to find the right angle, Sonali told me about the different facets required to launch a paperback. From liaising with publishers to PR professionals, it all proves to be an arduous process which requires far more patience than I thought.

"In the end, all you can do is sit back and pray it was all worth it," she sighs.  

Taking photos often requires sustenance to keep me going. It was the first time I'd come to The Brew Room, and despite already having my morning coffee, it would've been rude not to have another at a place famed for its speciality blends. 

If you're familiar with the Dreamer's Café in Auroville, then you may have heard of Marc Tourmo, the brains behind the beverages. Tourmo kicked off his coffee calling in Barcelona, which eventually brought him to India in the late nineties. He maintains a penchant for South Indian coffee and uses The Brew Room to exhibit some of the best coffee trends from all over the world. 

With a menu full of exotic flavours, I imagine Tourmo snarling at my lily-livered choice of a cappuccino. In my defence, a cappuccino is a source of comfort in a cup, which I needed. I was in no mood to venture out the norm only to end up getting something that tasted like disappointment and regret. 

There'll be a next time, however, since The Brew Room is as inviting as it is delectable. Plus, I didn't actually get a chance to try the food (which was my own wrongdoing). Sonali ordered their classic Eggs Benedict, which had me visually salivating even though I don't eat bacon. 

Tonight, I'm looking forward to editing the photos we captured, and I can't wait for The Dog who Taught me Math to reach bookstores. For now, you can find a copy on Amazon